Preschool Logic trainer

Title: Little Solver
Innovative Mobile Apps

Age Group: 4 – 6 years
Hours played by my kids: 30+
Available on: ipad (review), iphone

Logic Game for Kids developed by Teachers
Game screenshots (from iTunes store)

I stumbled on this logic game while looking for games that would help my kids develop logic skills. It looks like it was developed by Teachers for teaching purposes with certain test customization available in the back-end and also with progress reports that look a lot like something from Primary school.

Like the developers say it’s a nice straightforward way of developing kids logic and psychometric abilities by giving them game-like tests that will keep their minds occupied until they master the challenges.

Multiple learning modes bring extra challenge after a while, especially the “answer all” mode that requires the player to answer all questions correctly to win and supposedly the game adopts over time by focusing on weaknesses of the player (back-end statistics?).

Teaching your Kids analytical skills

Quite a challenge actually for younger kids (3 – 4), not so much for older ones IMHO. I would recommend this game for younger kids, at the same time they start playing Memory games, this game is a good tool to develop analytical reasoning, problem solving and perception. It will require parent supervision initially but only to explain the rules, later on kids will see the patterns and train their minds on their own.

The developer says it was tested heavily with teachers, parents and of course kids and I believe them. It simply is an enjoyable game for kids to play and I see my 4y kid selects it from the options without me pushing for it. That is, for me, a sign that he is not taking it as a chore.

Visually it doesn’t look like much, but it doesn’t really need it to be fun, and for the price of one dollar it is totally worth it.

Jan’s comment on the game (age 4):
Sometimes I make mistake, but I can try again or ask papa for help. I also get three hearts, it’s ok to make mistake. *smiling

Preschool Logic trainer - $0.99
  • How good is it technically? - 7.9/10
  • Value for Money - 9.7/10
  • How deep is the rabbithole? - 7.6/10
  • How long kids love it? - 8.5/10
  • Can my kid to play it on his own? - 9.8/10
  • How much kids can learn from it? - 9/10

My thoughts on the game

The game is a Logic training tool in a disguise. Parents will love the fact that it teaches kids Logic in a game-like way so kids will return to it for quite some time. It’s simple, logical and customizable. It’s also cheap, so the decision to try it out is not hard. Just because it actually works as intended.

Multiple learning modes bring extra challenge after a while, especially “answer all” mode. If you want to track your kids progress, you can with in-game progress tracker, but I don’t think you need that to see progress. Within days your kids will get the rules of logic and improve their skill-set. I would say this is a good entry point for younger kids to get into logic games.


  • Logic trainer for young(er) kids
  • Straight to the point
  • Progress tracker for parents
  • Customizable for teachers
  • Cheap


  • Visually below average
  • Developers don’t know how to promote it