Learn to Write!

Title: LetterSchool – Learn to Write!
Letterschool Enabling Learning B.V.

Age Group: 4 – 6 years
Hours played by my kids: 50+
Available on: ipad (review), iphone

Learn to write
Learn to write

LetterSchool is an educational app designed to help a child play and learn how to write all letters of the English alphabet (from A to Z) and numbers from 1-10. I was looking for an app like that in order to teach my kid some basics before school, and we saw this during his YouTube video explorations.

At that time he was all into numbers so I gave it a go. The app is free after all, at least to try a few letters. After that, if you want full functionality you need to invest 10 bucks. Not a lot if it teaches a kid to write, right?

I was surprised how quickly he got hooked into it. The animations are great, sound effects even better and there are three stages for each letter/number, so the process shows him:
1. how it goes by pressing a starting point and the animation does the rest
2. pressing key points of each letter/number
3. asks him to draw by himself

The latter is actually giving him feedback if he goes out of bounds so he needs to repeat the process. Don’t worry, it’s quite forgiving and not frustrating at all. That turned out to be the best part of it, as he was eager to get it right and re-tried with determination. All in all, the beautiful animations make this game a keeper and something that my kid loves going back to, even after doing it all multiple times.

Learn to write nr 3 gif

In the age of touch screens Kids can learn to write on a screen

Touch screen is something these kids will grow up with and will be surprised if something is still to be done old-fashioned way. The app will teach him write the letters on a screen. It didn’t help or motivate him to learn writing on paper so if you want to achieve that, don’t expect it from an ipad app.

Jan’s comment on the game (age 4):
I like drawing numbers and letters too. When I get it right I get stars. I also like how it makes train sound and when (christmas tree) lights light up the letter I am drawing.

Play and Learn to Write! - $9.99
  • How good is it technically? - 9.5/10
  • Value for Money - 8/10
  • How deep is the rabbithole? - 7.5/10
  • How long kids love it? - 9/10
  • Can my kid to play it on his own? - 10/10
  • How much kids can learn from it? - 9.4/10

My thoughts on the game

The game is a skills trainer and a beautiful one for sure. Animations and sound effects will make letters and numbers exciting for most kids, so that could be a good way to get their attention a few months before going to school and learn the hard way.
The cost of the app is relatively high for today’s standards and there are cheaper alternatives out there, still, I like this game for its visuals and I am sure my kid does as well. Probably the key reason why he spend so many hours at it and that counts more then a few dollars less on the price tag.
I wish there would be some additional game modes included, but there are none. It’s a simple 3 step process: Tap – Trace – Write. It works, my kid loves it even after finishing it multiple times (you can reset achievements).


  • Engaging visuals and sound effects
  • Both upper and lower case letters
  • No distractions, simple 3 step process
  • Also includes numbers


  • More expensive then comparable apps
  • No extra game modes