Find the way to Fill with logic

Title: Fill
Developer: MagicAnt LLC

Age Group: 5 – 12 years (official rating is 12+ for some reason)
Hours played by my kids: 10+
Available on: ipad (review), iphone, andriod

Fill game
Level 49

We tried this game by accident. Jan saw it as an Ad and we gave it a go. It looked simple and it actually is. The rules are extremely simple. Just fill in all of the blocks using only one line. Seams like a good thing to give to your kid to train Logic thinking, right?

Ads Galore

Don’t you hate it when Games advertise as Free but after you try them they are so full of Ads that you can’t even play ? Well, this is one of them. It’s full of ads and kids will get distracted in 5 sec!

So, why did I decide to review it anyway?
Well, the game is positioned as #4 on iTunes for Trivia games, so I guess it’s rather popular. Secondly, my kid loved it, so we paid those 2,99$ to get rid of the Ads to make it playable. It helped but do note that even after paying we are met with occasional “get free coins” by watching a video situation and I hate that as Jan clicks on it every single time!

Frustration moment
Frustration moment

Game for Adults or Kids?

The strangest thing about this game are not the obnoxious Ads but the fact that it positions itself for Adults (rating 12+) rather than for Kids. The game is so simple and easy that adults will get bored of it in 5 minutes. There are a few simple tricks to figure out and than it does not even matter which level you are playing. The itunes reviews concur with this issue and the game rating is rather low at the time of this review.

I would think that this game would fair much better as Kids game, with some visual improvements and some additional challenges. A wasted opportunity, I would say.

So, should you show this game to your kid? Well, it’s still a good Logic trainer and if you are willing to spend 3 bucks on it to get rid of the Ads then Yes go for it. But consider the limitations it has. I am OK with Jan playing it for a while longer, but I am already looking for something more interesting in this realm.

Jan’s comment on the game (age 4):
I like making roads, but sometimes I need papa’s help or I need to use my coins. But it’s ok, I get free coins when I watch some videos.

Find a way to Fill - $2.99
  • How good is it technically? - 6/10
  • Value for Money - 8/10
  • How deep is the rabbithole? - 5/10
  • How long kids love it? - 7.5/10
  • Can my kid to play it on his own? - 7/10
  • How much kids can learn from it? - 6/10

My thoughts on the game

It’s one of those games you find out about when you need to watch an ad on another game. My kid liked it and asked me to get it. So we did. First of all, don’t even try to play it in “free mode” the game is full of ads and the only reason why I paid 3 $ for Ad removal was Jan’s determination to play and solve the puzzles.

Once you remove Ads the interface is clean(er) and Jan was able to focus on the task. It’s a fun and simple concept that Jan really loved, so he still plays it occasionally. Honestly, the game is rated for 12+, which I think is a mistake in the iTunes store and the reviews made by adults are full of disappointment. Game being too easy and all. Which I agree, the game represents a challenge to Kids, not adults and should be advertised as Kids game. With a bit of visual overhaul it would be a great kids game.

I gave this game a bad score despite my kid playing with it a lot. “Fill” is a game with potential, that does not deliver. With ads ON it’s unbearable. Get it only if you really like these kind of games.


  • Logic trainer for young(er) kids
  • Easy to play, Easy to master


  • Visually very boring
  • Lacks depth & proper leveling system
  • 3$ for Ad removal is a must!