Connect the Dots

Title: Dots
Playdots, Inc.

Age Group: 4+ years
Hours played by my kids: 100+
Available on: ipad (review), iphone, andriod

Connecting the Dots
Connecting the Dots

Dots is a well known game in the iTunes store for Adult audience (#1 game in multiple countries) and that is also how we got to try it. I installed it for my wife (which got bored of it quickly) and after a while my kid found it and tried it out.

Simple & Free

The goal of the game is simple. You connect same-colored dots vertically and horizontally to win points. There are cool sound effects that go along and it’s rather relaxing to play this and does NOT make your kid stressed out by playing (something I cherish a lot).

The puzzler is actually Free and I really appreciate the fact the game doesn’t push micro-transactions or pay-to-play aspects at all. Only if you want to enable Endless mode you need to shell out 2 bucks, other than that no intrusions whatsoever. #BigRespectHere

Logic or Spatial abilities Trainer?

Making a Dotted line
Making a Dotted line

The one thing I had trouble deciding upon was the aspect of this game being “Smart Game” for kids. It’s almost too simple to have significant impact on Brain development.

I would concur that the game does have impact on kids spatial skills development in a minor way. Spatial ability is the capacity to understand, reason and remember the spatial relations among objects or space. That is important at early age but, on the other hand, that can be developed also in other more complex and fun ways like solving Tangram puzzles.

Bottom line, I would say that this puzzle game is mostly time waster that doesn’t do damage but also doesn’t contribute much. It’s something you can do with your Kid to relax and compete for highest score. I see Jan playing this game when he is not up for a thinking challenge.

Deep thoughts!
Deep thoughts (not really)!

Jan’s comment on the game (age 4):
I have so much fun making long lines that disappear! And when you make a square everything goes away. It’s fun to play!

Connecting the Dots! - Free
  • How good is it technically? - 9/10
  • Value for Money - 10/10
  • How deep is the rabbithole? - 8.3/10
  • How long kids love it? - 9.8/10
  • Can my kid to play it on his own? - 9.5/10
  • How much kids can learn from it? - 6/10

My thoughts on the game

Dots is a simple game to learn and it’s an excellent time waster. That being said, it’s not a game that would help kids develop useful skills. It’s not Logic trainer, at most, it helps develop Spatial skills. 

It’s OK to have this game installed. It’s fun, it’s harmless. It’s Free and I really appreciate the fact the game doesn’t push micro-transactions or pay-to-play aspects at all. That is probably the reason why I decided to put it on the Reviews list, there are not many games left that don’t force us into paying step-by-step for features or Ads removal.

I suggest Dots to my kids when they don’t want to bother with something more complex. It’s still better to play this game then watch questionable cartoons on YouTube, right?



  • A simple interface for focused gaming
  • Cool Sound effects with Vibrations
  • Easy to learn and explain to Kids
  • It’s actually Free
  • No Ads


  • Logic Challenge Mode would be nice
  • Lacks Educational value