About this project

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This site was created as a New Year resolution. I wanted to do something I feel passionate about. I love researching games for my Kids. Or rather, I love my Kids (those two little guys in the logo) and I want them to develop into great people. With great mind and necessary skills to conquer the Future world.

I know I cannot influence their learning progress while they are at kindergarten/school. And I know I will not be able to monitor their activities when they become older, so I guess I just hope I can give them some guidance, now, at young age, by providing them fun games that are educational and not a “waste of time”. FYI, our parenting view is, max 30 minutes per day of “ipad time”, instead of cartoons, if they choose so.

The site will probably focus on mobile games for ipad as this is the platform we experience the most games at the moment, but it might develop into something more later on, as they (kids and project) grow up. The reviews I put up are 100% sincere and not promoted. I select games based on what my kids loved playing and I consider worthy. I pledge not to put any Ads on the site as the goal is not to earn money but to add my 5 cents to a better world with smarter kids.

Drop me a comment using the available form below! I would love some feedback.